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  In the book "The Art of Loving” by Ehrlich Fromm, he wrote: "A person has no sense of loneliness at all in his infancy. His sense of loneliness was eliminated by the companionship of his mother's body, breasts, and skin. Only when his mother's body cannot eliminate his sense of separation and loneliness any longer, he has the need to overcome separation." This reminds me of myself and the small children around me. When we are young, the company and teaching of our parents is all we have. As we grow up, they can not really understand and care about all of us. No matter the thing is good or bad, they always use their experience to fix it from their perspective. Sometimes it is like a warm harbor, but sometimes it is even like a bondage. Even so, we still share the news with them for the first time when we are wronged or make progress. I started to explore where the reason for this kind of incomprehension is, and actually it is still an ineffective communication.

  I started to pay attention to the children and adults around me, and gradually found empathy in them. I used the camera to capture their faces, and the camera seemed to play the role of a monitors. After that, I selected 80 faces of children in different scenes, combined them to look like in the screen of the monitor. Their expressions are different, which probably implies that even parents cannot empathize with their children truly.

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