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A Blue Sofa

  In the past half year,I frequently find that discarded sofas appears next to the garbage dump down my stairs. Some of them seems quite new, and there is still a smell of smoke in the material. I can’t help but want to stay or sit down on these sofas especially in the sunny days. As time passed, I began to think about how people would react if I placed such indoor objects outside on purpose.


  In this project, I use a recording method. A light blue sofa is on an empty field. Some people touch his material intensively, some people sit on it reading the script, and children use it as an outdoor playground. I edited these scenes into a video. Inadvertently, the sofa is no longer an object thing appearing outdoors deliberately. In contact with various people, the meaning of its opening also becomes ambiguous.

A Blue Sofa, video, size variable 05’20’’, 2020
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