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"Home is our original universe"


A wounded soul seems to end up wrapped

in a hardened shell.

And then eventually we all end up being

what someone else wants to be.

Living as someone else wants to be.

Pretending to be.

Photos are the carrier of memory and imagination. When we look at photos, the re-experienced emotions and memories emerge in our minds. Thanks to photography, our memories and emotions are settled and orderly. It's like seeing the photos in my childhood, which evokes the memory deep in my heart, and even produces emotions beyond the memory itself. Familiar residences, familiar people, and familiar moments make people feel very safe, or maybe like Roland Barthes' "punctum" is suddenly touched. We can't be sure whether the memory really existed, but when we are touched, when the memory becomes concrete pictures or words, it seems to have existed, because we are always living under the influence of the memory.

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